a short article of Fukuoka Masami

non-korean martial artists visited Young Sul Kwan, sometime.
some messages of visitors at Aikido Journal Bulletin Board.
(http://www.aikidojournal.com)Fukuoka Masami ———————-
* he who was sub-master of Daitoryu Shesinkai visited at 2000 from japan to korea.
So nothing but go to Kumsan it remained.
GM Kim Yun-sang showed me his techniques.
1)It was special style I never seen.
2)Exactly it had DR characteristic in the stem.
3)He had high skill. It cann’t be denial.
4)That includes some other techniques of DR.(still unideinfied,probably Youshin-ryu stream)

It made me confused.
After that I talked with GM Kim Youn-Sang. He asked me what’s the meaning of some sentence he had memorised.
He said GM Choi Young-Sul tought as that, but he couldn’t understand EVEN very easy Japanese.
GM Choi Young Sul was not good at speaking Korean.
GM Choi Young Sul had big trouble in the communication with his students. So many couldn’t understand Japanese.
And that was just secret know-how of DR. It was same as what Takeda Tokimuse Souke said.


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