Hapkiyusul history of Australia (Way of Focused Ki in Australia)

Way of Focused Ki in Australia.

In 2001 Jarrod Taylor and Peter Watt, both Black Belt students of the Australian Hapkido Association, met Dojunim Kim Yung Sang in Guem sam, South Korea and were introduced to Hapkiyusul and have trained in it since.

Jarrod is now a resident in Guem Sam and trains daily and is a great ambassador for Australia.  Peter runs Yong Sul Kwan Training in the North Sydney Police Citizens Youth Club, having decided to concentrate his energies exclusively on Hapkiyusul after many years with the Australian Hapkido Association. He has made several trips to Guemsam and was instrumental in organising Dojunim Kim’s first trip to Australia in 2003.

Dojunim Kim's visit to Australia in 2003

Dojunim Kim’s visit to Australia in 2003

In 2003 Dojunim Kim visited Australia and the Hapkido dojang of Barrie Restall at Teven in Northern NSW. In subsequent visits he certified the Teven dojang as the Australian headquarters, and Barrie as the Chi Bu Jang or custodian.

Craig Franklin met Dojunim during his visit in 2003 and subsequently travelled to Guemsam for a 3 month stay in 2004. He continued to visit each year and while living in the UK, assisted in organising Dojunim Kim’s trips and the expansion of Hapkiyusul into Europe.  Craig runs a Yung Sul Kwan class in Bulli, near Wollongong, south of Sydney.

The Australian activities are monitored by Jarrod Taylor, as Dojunim Kim’s representative, during twice yearly visits. Jarrod passes the art to Peter Watt, Barrie Restall and Craig Franklin as the senior students responsible conveying the fundamentals to other Australian students. They are currently assisted by a growing number of experienced students. The Australian members visit the Korean Headquarters from time to time and Dojunim Kim visits biennially.