3rd Doju – Kim Yun Sang

He was born 1934. In 1960 Kim Yun Sang Dojunim started Hapkido and continued until 5th Dan. However at this stage he found that he wasn’t learning any more techniques. He had heard about Choi Yong Sul so he went to the Hapkido headquarters to inquire about Choi. He was told, untruthfully, that Choi was dead.Kim Yun Sang Dojunim could not believe this. He knew that he came from Taegu so without any idea where Choi could be found he went in search of Choi. He drove around in a taxi for a whole day and finally found Choi Yong Sul.
When Kim arrived at Choi Yong Sul’s Dojang he was asked to describe what training experience he had. He replied confidently that he had a 5th Dan in Hapkido. So Choi told him to put on his uniform and try what he new. Choi told him to try with a high school student who was there. He was not able to move Choi’s young student.Choi told him to give him his black belt and than made him wear a white belt. Kim Yun Sang said to Choi that he would train with a humble heart, this is when he started learning from Choi.From then until Choi’s death in 1986, he would go to Taegu for one month and then back to Geumsan for one month and learn directly from Choi.
While Choi was living in Taegu he would come up to Geumsan now and then for evaluations or demonstrations. During his visit he would teach the Yong Sul Kwon students directly. He also let them take a lot of pictures.In 1984 Choi recognized Kim Yun Sang’s level and gave him 9th Dan. From when Choi died he realized the meaning of what he had accomplished: he had learned an extreme amount of techniques and had to practice until the day he died.Even though he is an old man he still teaches Hapkido every day.
If you ask what the reason is for this he will say it because Choi dying wish was for Kim to follow the lonely path of the martial artist until the day he died.Although Kim Yun Sang has been training in Gumsan, Choi’s family has been in constant contact and have known how dedicated Kim Yun Sang has been to preserving Choi’s art. On April 17th 2002 Kim Yun Sang received the status as 3rd Doju from Choi’s family.Although Kim Yun Sang is the 3rd Doju he doesn’t see himself as like Choi. His simple dream is to show Choi’s techniques. Even today he is letting people to grab his wrist and still trains every day.
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a 9th degree certificate of
DN Kim Yun Sang
master certificate of Young Sul Kwan
3rd DJN certificate & ceramony
a teaching of
DN Kim Yun Sang

2nd Doju Certificate from 1st Doju Choi Yong Sul

2nd Doju Certificate

2nd Doju – Choi Bok Yeol

The second Doju of Hapkiyusul was Choi Bok Yeol, the son of Choi Yong Sul Dojunim.

Choi Bok Yeol was born in 1942. As a young man he began to train under his father in Taegu.

In 1985 Choi Bok Yeol received the status of 2nd Doju from his father Choi Yong Sul Dojunim.

Tragically, Choi Bok Yeol the 2nd Doju of Korean Hapkiyusul died in 1987.

At present his family still resides in Taegu.


1st Doju – Choi Yong Sul

Choi Yong Sul was born July 21st 1899 by the lunar calender.
In 1908 at the age of 9 he was taken to Japan by a Japanese person.When he arrived in Japan he was abandoned and subsequently wandered around Osaka, Yokahama for two years. A policeman helped him and took him to a temple where he stayed for around 2 years (1910 – 1912).It just so happened that the monk at the temple, a Samurai and 8th Dan in Judo, was a friend of TAKEDA, SOKAKU and took Choi to meet him. At the age of 14 (1913) Choi Yong Sul met and became a student of the
founder of Daito-ryu aikijujutsu, TAKEDA, SOKAKU .Choi met Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, in Hokaido Asahikawa in 1915.As a part of the rigorous training Takeda led five of his best students, Choi among them, into the mountains to train from 1917 – 1923(1916 – 1921?). At the end of seven years of training(1923), Choi and Takeda were the only ones to come down from the mountain, the rest had left early.
Just after leaving the mountain in September 1923 Choi saved women and children from the destruction wrought by an earthquake in Kwan Dong.Choi also accompanied Takeda on a trip to Hawaii to demonstrate Daito-ryu aikijujutsu.Choi and Takeda also lived with Imperial House holds and taught Daito-ryu aikijujutsu to members of the Imperial family.
In 1943 following the death of TAKEDA, SOKAKU Choi returned to Korea.When Choi was returning to Korea in a crowd of people he lost all his valuables including documents that validated his time in Japan. After this he lived in extreme poverty. After a while he became better known about and on February 12th 1951 he opened a Hapkiyukwonsul dojang. Because it is difficult to learn for a long time there were few students and the art was nearly lost. It is from here that the history Choi Yong Sul’s students began.
In March 1960 the Headquarters of Korean Hapkido was established. Choi was appointed the first Director General of Korean Hapkido in September 1963.Choi Yong Sul Dojunim, died on the 27th of October 1986 at the age of 86. He is said to have been thinking about and teaching martial arts right up until that day.