2010.7.12~16 HKYS seminar in Australia

(from hapkidoforum)

Kim Yung Sang Dojunim will conduct a week long seminar/training in Australia at Teven headquarters (near Ballina NSW) from 12th to 16th July 2010. There will be two training sessions per day, cost is $A500 for the full week or $A75 per session.

As well Kim Dojunim will conduct a public seminar and demonstration of Hapkiyusul on Sunday 12th July at Byron Bay, NSW, to start at 4.30 pm. Cost is $A50 for participants (limited to 26) and $A20 for spectators.

All are invited. PM me for further details if you are interested.

Barrie Restall <brestall@bigpond.com>


hapkidoforum – HKYS Seminar 2008 in Europe

Hapkidoforum – HKYS Seminar 2008 in europe

International HKYS Seminar 2006 Brochures

Choi Yong Sul Dojunim Commemoration Festival October, 2006 brochures

Images of International HKYS Seminar in korea(06.10.21)

http://www.flickr.com/groups/hapkiyusul  by Dina

http://www.flickr.com/photos/kadosu (official Seminar Image)

Hapkidoforum – International HKYS Seminar(2006.10.21) in korea

Hapkidoforum – International HKYS Seminar(2006.10.21)