2011.10 25th Choi Yong Sul Dojunim Commemorative Festival – opening ceremony

2012.10 Yong Sul Kwan demonstrated HKYS at HAPKIDO competition in korea.

DJN Kim Yun Sang at VIP table.

2012 the 26th DJN Choi Yong Sul memorial day in korea

DJN Kim Yun Sang paying repect DJN Choi Yong Sul with master Jung Dal Sun.

DJN Kim Yun Sang’s demonstration.

2011 International HKYS Seminar in korea


all participant respected DJN Choi Yong Sul.

main placard of the ceremony

DJN Kim Yun Sang read the martial art history of DJN Choi Yong Sul.

a student ‘Haio de Vries’ of Frans Drenth hold the picture of him at memorial time of him.

silent momorial time  to remember Frans Drenth.



a baby’s technique.


DJN Kim Yun Sang



2012 8.3~5 HKYS Seminar in Europe

2012 8.3~5 HKYS Seminar in Europe

Hapkiyusul Seminar,Belgium – Summer 2012

8/8/201 – 12/8/2012 (Wed-Sunday) in Antwerp, Belgium.


2012 International Korean Hapkido Hapkiyusul Seminar

International Korean Hapkido Hapkiyusul Seminar

Rome – April 27-30, 2012