2013 Seminar with Dojunim Kim Yun Sang at AUS.



2013  Seminar with Dojunim Kim Yun Sang

Opening Ceremony

Sunday 4th August: LOCATIONHeadquarters Teven

TIME :         1300 hrs. Bring your Doboks for Ceremony and Photo.

3rd Dan Grading in the morning, this is a Closed Grading

Lunch:1400 hrs. after Ceremony will be a Korean B.B.Q.   Please bring a Plate .

  • Vegetarian lasagna for vegetarians.

* All KWAN MEMBERS are invited. $10 Lunch Fee for NON SEMINAR ATTENDEES  *

Start Seminar.

 LOCATION: Lennox Head Cultural and Community Centre: Corner of Mackney  and Park lane.

Monday 5th August:06:30 – 08:00 hrs. 18:30 – 20:00hrs.

Tuesday 6th August06:30 – 08:00 hrs. 18:30 – 20:00hrs.

1st and 2nd Dan Grading, Open Grading

 Wednesday 7th August:06:30 – 08:00 hrs.            18:30 – 20:00hrs.

Free Public Invitation.

 Thursday 8th August:06:30 – 08:00 hrs.            18:30 – 20:00hrs.

Friday 9th August::06:30 – 08:00 hrs. 17:00 – 18:30 hrs.


                                                               06:30- 08:00 hrs.

 *Official Dinner  an Closing Ceremony. *


WHERE: I WokChinese Restaurant.  7 Park Lane. In the  grounds of Headland Beach Resort

 TIME :19:00PM


  R.V.S.P. TO, Thomas Mueller.  Email;  thomasgabriela@bigpond.com



2013.2 Yongsulkwan ‘Jarrod Taylor’ visit Germany for teaching seminar.

Liebe Hapkidoin, 

unser  Hapkido Hapkiyusul Lehrgang mit Sabumnim Jarrod Taylor/Geumsan, Korea findet vom 5.-10. und am 16.+ 17.Februar 2013im Hapkido Dojang Platz der Jugend statt.

Einladung Wir hatten beim Training ja schon über den anstehenden Lehrgang berichtet. 

Der Verein bezuschusst die Lehrgangskosten in erheblichem Maße, so dass Ihr nur noch folgendeBeträge zu zahlen habt: Kinder und Jugendliche: 20,- € Erwachsenene: 30,- € 

Die Kosten beziehen sich auf das gesamte Training, das in der Ausschreibung steht. Wir freuen uns auf ein tolles Seminar! 

Herzliche Grüße Nadine und Volker Gößling Beginn: 5.2.2013 – 7:00 Uhr  Ende: 9:00 Uhr 


Hapkiyusul history of Australia (Way of Focused Ki in Australia)

Way of Focused Ki in Australia.

In 2001 Jarrod Taylor and Peter Watt, both Black Belt students of the Australian Hapkido Association, met Dojunim Kim Yung Sang in Guem sam, South Korea and were introduced to Hapkiyusul and have trained in it since.

Jarrod is now a resident in Guem Sam and trains daily and is a great ambassador for Australia.  Peter runs Yong Sul Kwan Training in the North Sydney Police Citizens Youth Club, having decided to concentrate his energies exclusively on Hapkiyusul after many years with the Australian Hapkido Association. He has made several trips to Guemsam and was instrumental in organising Dojunim Kim’s first trip to Australia in 2003.

Dojunim Kim's visit to Australia in 2003

Dojunim Kim’s visit to Australia in 2003

In 2003 Dojunim Kim visited Australia and the Hapkido dojang of Barrie Restall at Teven in Northern NSW. In subsequent visits he certified the Teven dojang as the Australian headquarters, and Barrie as the Chi Bu Jang or custodian.

Craig Franklin met Dojunim during his visit in 2003 and subsequently travelled to Guemsam for a 3 month stay in 2004. He continued to visit each year and while living in the UK, assisted in organising Dojunim Kim’s trips and the expansion of Hapkiyusul into Europe.  Craig runs a Yung Sul Kwan class in Bulli, near Wollongong, south of Sydney.

The Australian activities are monitored by Jarrod Taylor, as Dojunim Kim’s representative, during twice yearly visits. Jarrod passes the art to Peter Watt, Barrie Restall and Craig Franklin as the senior students responsible conveying the fundamentals to other Australian students. They are currently assisted by a growing number of experienced students. The Australian members visit the Korean Headquarters from time to time and Dojunim Kim visits biennially.

2012.11.17 DJN demonstration at a HAKIDO competition at korea.

2006 DJN Kim Yun Sang Demo at small dojang at korea.

2011.10 25th Choi Yong Sul Dojunim Commemorative Festival – each Dojang demo in the world

2011.10 25th Choi Yong Sul Dojunim Commemorative Festival – DJN KIM demonstration

2011.10 25th Choi Yong Sul Dojunim Commemorative Festival – opening ceremony

2012.10 Yong Sul Kwan demonstrated HKYS at HAPKIDO competition in korea.

DJN Kim Yun Sang at VIP table.

2012 the 26th DJN Choi Yong Sul memorial day in korea

DJN Kim Yun Sang paying repect DJN Choi Yong Sul with master Jung Dal Sun.

DJN Kim Yun Sang’s demonstration.